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Mental Injury Deposition – Higher Standard of Truth

During the Deposition In a Mental & Emotional Injury Case

Higher standard of truth during deposition than real life

Every emotional and mental injury case is basically a credibility contest where much of the proof is dependent on the truth of plaintiff’s testimony. The typical plaintiff can be unlikely to lie at the deposition, we all have a tendency to spin the facts in a way that will make us look good. Depositions are different however than real life. A higher standard of the truth will be at depositions. If the deposition statements are missing critical facts, those statements will lead to losing of your credibility and eventually your case.

Unlike many different conversations you have each day, your testimony will be under a microscope and then tested against key information provided by witnesses, information provided during mental exams, and information from school, medical and therapy records, work, that run your entire lifetime.

In your normal life, when somebody says to you, ‘How are you?’ you’re likely to reply, ‘Okay.’ The complete truth is you feel different things, and one of them isn’t ‘Okay.’ In the deposition, you have to avoid casual and simplified answers and rather give accurate answers.

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