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Five Basic Steps to a Deposition

Many steps are taken before first entering the courtroom for trial. One, making sure each of the plaintiff’s testimony has been recorder through a process known as a deposition. Usually under oath, with either a court reported, and or a recorder present.

Follow these five simple steps to help deliver a dynamite deposition.

Step One:
It sounds silly, but necessary, rehearse and read all interrogations associated with the case. Sometimes this may take no more than two or three run through’s. Plus, keep in mind that your answers must be consistent in each proceeding.

Step Two:
Remain calm, but remember that the defense attorney, will be judging your conduct, and behavior. Dress appropriately. Wear business casual, and dress as though you are going for a job interview. Might be a good idea also to take the opportunity to view this as though you were appearing in court.

Step Three:
Simple minding of manners here. Be sure to speak clearly. Do not chew gum. Be courteous to opposing counsel.

Step Four:
Answer all questions honestly. Even if you feel your answers do not work in your favor.

Step Five:
If you are uncertain about a specific incident, simply say that you cannot recall.

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