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California Whiplash Injury attorneys handle all neck injuries and spinal cord injury cases resulting from car accidents, traffic collisions, slip and fall and premises liability claims, and on the job or work related industrial neck injuries. A California Whiplash Injury Lawyer is on call 7 days a week to answer all of your whip lash injury accident claim & legal rights questions under California Personal injury laws and/or California Workers Compensation benefits laws.

Southern California injury accident law firm of personal injury attorneys and workers compensation lawyers concentrating on neck injuries, cervical spine injury and whiplash. Serving Orange County, Santa Ana, Anaheim, Orange, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Los Angeles, Ontario, Long Beach, San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino, Moreno Valley. In Central California Bakersfield , San Luis Obispo, San Joaquin Valley, Fresno, Modesto, & in Northern California, San Francisco Bay Area, Oakland East Bay, San Jose, Alameda, Fremont, Hayward, San Mateo, Daly, Richmond, Marin County, Napa Sonoma, Sacramento, West Sacramento, & Stockton.

Welcome to our California whiplash and cervical spine neck injury information site. Our California personal injury lawyers and California workers compensation attorneys are available to advise you on your best course of legal action if you have suffered a whiplash or other neck injury. Cervical neck injuries can be very costly, physically and financially. If you suffer from a California work related neck sprain or cervical disc injury, or if you were injured due to the negligence of someone else, (as in a California car accident) our California PI lawyers and California Workers Compensation lawyers can help obtain the best medical treatment for your neck injuries and maximum compensation and settlement value for your neck and cervical spine injury claim.


In California, the most common causes of whiplash and cervical nerve damage are from car accidents, auto vs. auto accidents, and industrial transportation accidents, involving trucks and delivery vans and vehicles. In a car accident where one automobile is struck from behind by another, “rear-ended”, a whiplash injury with resulting neck pain is almost always sustained if the motor vehicle accident collision occurred with any significant amount of force. Painful whiplash injuries often result from traffic collisions where the physical damage to the motor vehicles involved appears to be minimal. Appearances can be very deceiving. Even a minor impact or low impact automobile collision, (a “rear end fender bender”) will cause a jolt to the neck and cervical spine that may result in disabling neck and shoulder pain., back spasms, or even lumbar or cervical disc herniations.

California definition of Whiplash Injury: The term whiplash describes the sudden snap backward of the neck (hyperextension, or hyper-extension) and subsequent sudden snap forward (hyperflexion, or hyper-flexion) upon impact, usually in sudden impact car accidents. While this violent motion in auto accidents rarely causes a broken neck, it frequently leaves the victim of the traffic accident with a severe neck strain sprain, or at the very least a stiff and sore neck, and all too often, chronic neck pain lasting weeks, months or even years. Whiplash injuries from car accidents cause damage to the cervical vertebrae (cervical neck discs) and surrounding soft tissues. The worst symptoms of a whiplash injury from a car accident are rarely felt right away. A whiplash victim may not have whip lash symptoms for several hours, or even until days later after the car accident. Not all neck injuries can be seen with X-rays. Joints may look normal yet be the source of tremendous pain, requiring pain medication and anti-inflammatory treatment to manage the severe discomfort. A cervical collar or neck brace may be required. In very serious auto accidents there may occur a cervical disc herniation or occult facet joint injury which may go undiagnosed until there is progressive severe neck and shoulder pain. A herniated cervical disc may require neck surgery in the worst cases.

Your California Legal Rights to Compensation for Whiplash and Cervical Neck Injuries

Under California personal injury law, if you were injured in an auto accident, or any other injury accident, due to the negligence of another, you are entitled to compensatory damages (monetary compensation) for the injuries and losses you have suffered due to their negligence. You are entitled to recover economic damages which include such things as hospitalization costs and all medical costs, as well as lost income and any lost future earning potential. In California, under personal injury law, you are also entitled to compensation for non-economic damages for such things as pain and suffering, mental anguish, scarring, disfigurement, and temporary disability, and permanent disability.

Industrial Accidents: California On the Job Injuries, Work Related Accidents, Workers Comp

California Workmans Compensation: If you sustained a neck injury at work you have a different set of legal rights under California Workers Compensation laws. In a work related injury, it does not matter who was at fault to cause your industrial injury. Negligence is not the issue. As an injured worker under a California workers comp scenario, you are entitled to 4 categories of workmans comp benefits: Medical Treatment: You are entitled to all reasonable medical care to cure or relieve your neck work injury. Temporary Disability: equals 2/3 of your pay while you are unable to work. Permanent Disability: a monetary award to compensate you for any permanent work restrictions or limited capacity to work because of your industrial injury Vocational Rehabilitation: California Job retraining to learn another vocation which accommodates your neck disability or work restrictions.

Every single whiplash or cervical spine injury accident is different. Every single neck or back injury is unique. Please call us today and you will have the opportunity to discuss your specific case with a California personal injury attorney or a California Workers Compensation lawyer. Our initial consultation is absolutely free with no obligation. We work on a contingency fee arrangement, which means you do not pay any fees until we have successfully completed your case for you.